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Protecting your pet and home from fleas

For complete protection against fleas, it’s important to treat all dogs and cats in your household regularly with FRONTLINE PLUS, even when you can’t actually see any fleas.

When FRONTLINE PLUS is used consistently, emerging fleas that jump onto your pet will be killed within 12 to 24 hours of contact. Its use will also deplete the flea population over time, and protect your environment from further contamination.

Here are some other ways to reduce flea contamination and avoid re-infestation of your pet and environment:

  • Regularly vacuum to remove previously laid eggs and stimulate fleas to emerge from cocoons.
  • Wash pet bedding often in hot water (greater than 60°C for at least 10 minutes).
  • Don’t invite untreated animals into your home, as they can be a source of new flea eggs.
  • Block pet access to under the house.
  • Keep moist, shady areas free from debris.
* For paralysis tick control on dogs FRONTLINE PLUS must be applied every 2 weeks. For paralysis tick control on cats use FRONTLINE SPRAY every 3 weeks.

Year-round flea control

Flea treatment for dogs and cats is an all-year-round commitment – and the only way to ensure your pet is fully protected is to never miss a treatment, no matter what the season. While there is a peak infestation period in spring and summer, fleas can survive in heated homes in winter, so pets are at risk of infestation in all seasons.

Effective, long-lasting elimination of fleas

FRONTLINE PLUS kills fleas for 4 weeks after treatment, and prevents the development of flea eggs, larvae and pupae for up to 12 weeks in dogs and 6 weeks in cats. When used regularly, FRONTLINE PLUS breaks the flea life cycle at every stage, giving your pet complete protection.