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Protect your pet from Brown dog ticks

Brown dog ticks can be hard to control as they spend only a fraction of their lifetime on the dog. They are also widespread in the environment; live for a long time; reproduce at a high rate; and have a good survival rate in protected areas.

Controlling Brown dog ticks on pets

Regularly examine and groom your pet. If you find a tick, remove it. It’s also vital to protect pets all-year-round against ticks with an effective, long-lasting product such as FRONTLINE PLUS or FRONTLINE SPRAY.

Controlling Brown dog ticks in the environment

Brown dog ticks spend a large part of their lifetime in the environment, so it’s essential to clean indoor areas and your dog’s kennel thoroughly to remove as many ticks as possible. Then treat the environment with an approved pesticide spray or dust.

Many dogs pick up ticks while walking through bushland or overgrown areas, so limit access to these areas during the tick season. Also keep stray dogs and cats, wildlife and rodents away from your pet's environment.

FRONTLINE PLUS for Dogs controls brown dog ticks for up to one month. Attached ticks will either fall off once dead or can be easily removed. FRONTLINE SPRAY is for use on dogs and cats and should be used every 4 weeks to control brown dog ticks. Here’s how to apply FRONTLINE products.