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Maintaining health and wellbeing

Your kitten arrived in good health. You feed it properly, have it vaccinated, wormed and treated for parasites according to plan: fine..... but you will probably want to lavish extra care and attention over and above these basic necessities.

As you are now responsible for the day-to-day health and well being of your new charge, you can show all your love, in various little ways of daily care and comfort.

Purring with pleasure

A purr is a very pleasing little piece of music! Speak to your cat as you stroke it, to encourage it to purr. Grooming from the very first weeks helps your cat to shine, use a brush with soft metal bristles and a rubber base, or a soft brush. Groom your kitten every day if it is long-haired, and two or three times a week otherwise. It will love it, and feel much better for it!

Having a very good sleep

A good lie-in in the morning prepares the way for a whole afternoon’s siesta. The cat-basket, raised up on a chair or other piece of furniture, out of the way of the hustle and bustle, is a cosy shelter and personal territory. Let sleeping kittens lie. Like all members of the cat family, your kitten is most alert and active at dawn and sunset when it will explore its territory, have a bite to eat, and play.

Keeping naturally clean

Give your kitten a litter tray with 5 to 7cm of cat-litter in it, at least 1 metre away from its eating place. It will go there of its own accord. Change the litter regularly: cats are very sensitive to dirty litter trays. For more detailed advice about litter trays and toileting, read our cleanliness information.

Playing at hunting

A kitten playing with a toy is a heart- warming sight. Virtually anything will fit the bill: a ball of paper, a ping pong ball, a marble, a cork or choose from a wide range of commercially available toys. Make sure these toys are safe and all toys are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are maintained in good condition. Always play with your cat using toys on strings or poles. Never use your hands (or feet) as a substitute for a toy as this may encourage your cat to pounce on you rather than a toy.

Being well brought-up

To prepare the way for the future, get your kitten used to a basic care routine as soon as possible:

Eyes - A cloth soaked in warm water to wipe away discharge.
Ears - Check regularly, if they have black wax in them consult your veterinarian, there may be ear mites lurking.
Nails - There are special nail-cutters for claws which get too long, your veterinarian will be able to let you know which clippers are suitable and just how far to go.