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Flea and EggFlea and Egg

Image (56191 Kb)

Two Flea Sizes on AnimalTwo Flea Sizes on Animal

Image (40022 Kb)

Cat Flea Fully Developed PupaCat Flea Fully Developed Pupa

Image (69220 Kb)

Engorged Tick on AnimalEngorged Tick on Animal

Image (66293 Kb)

Moderately Engorged Paralysis TickModerately Engorged Paralysis Tick

Image (39649 Kb)

Fully Engorged Paralysis TickFully Engorged Paralysis Tick

Image (35546 Kb)

Fully Engorged Paralysis Tick w EggsFully Engorged Paralysis Tick w Eggs

Image (64290 Kb)

Brown Dog TickBrown Dog Tick

Image (53506 Kb)

Engorged Brown Dog TickEngorged Brown Dog Tick

Image (49220 Kb)