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Resource Centre

Welcome to the Merial Resource Centre. Here you will be able to view and download digital material relating to Merial products and services. Just click on a folder to view its contents. If you have found the file you are looking for click on its name to see further details or click Download to transfer the file to your computer. You can also use the Search feature above to search through the entire catalogue.

These images and materials are the property of Merial and should not be altered
if used.

What's new

NexGard 12 Pack Offer Pixel TowerNexGard 12 Pack Offer Pixel Tower

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NexGard 12 Pack Offer Pixel TileNexGard 12 Pack Offer Pixel Tile

Image (95683 Kb)

NexGard 12 Pack Offer Pixel BannerNexGard 12 Pack Offer Pixel Banner

Image (64233 Kb)

NexGard 12 Pack Offer Instagram TileNexGard 12 Pack Offer Instagram Tile

Image (329082 Kb)

NexGard 12PK Medium Dog LRNexGard 12PK Medium Dog LR

Image (793686 Kb)

Frontline Pet CareFrontline Pet Care
Frontline New PackagingFrontline New Packaging
NexGard SpectraNexGard Spectra
Equine Equine
NexGard NexGard